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Wired Sphere
Requirements: Paint Shop Pro 5, 6 or  7
Author: Richie Dumlao

1 Make a new 200 x 200, White background and 16 millions color image.

Set foreground color to Light Brown (R=222 G=195 B=140) and background color to Black

2 Apply a Sunburst Gradient Fill using the settings below:

Fill Style = Sunburst Gradient
Blend Mode = Normal
Paper Texture and Match Mode = None
Opacity = 100

3 Click on Image>Effects>Tiles and set Presets value to "Squares"

Your image should look like as shown in the example.

4 More Ideas...You can make a cool looking interface by blending some photos.

Open an existing photo (I'm going to use the image below that I downloaded from Corbis Images)  Let's call the image below "Clouds".

5 Now, add a new layer in your "Grid" image (Layers>New Raster Layer)

Apply a Pattern Fill

Pattern Fill Settings:
Fill Style = Pattern
Blend Mode = Normal

(Under the Pattern Fill Option Tab )
Choose the "Clouds" image as the image pattern

Set Blend Mode to Overlay (Layers>Properties)
Blend Mode = Overlay

6 Or you can also make a Wireframe Sphere.

Make a plain white background image, then apply the "Tiles Filter" the follow the "My World is Round" tutorial.

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