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Textured Sphere
Requirements: Paint Shop Pro 5, 6 or 7
Author: Richie Dumlao

My main objective on this tutorial is to demonstrate how to convert a square textured image into a sphere. You can actually use any image but I will use my "Windows Desktop" as a textured image.

Figure 1


1 I started this image by capturing my screen.  

Windows: To do a screen capture, press [Print Screen] from your keyboard.

This will then place the captured image into the clipboard.

Open your Paintshop Pro program then press [CTRL+V].


Figure 2
2 Set the background color to depending to your HTML's page background.  I am going to use Black background on this example.

Click on Image>Deformation>Circle


  3 I do not intend to use a large image so I have shrink the captured image size to 25% by going to Image>Resize

Settings I used:

Percent of Original: W25xH25
Resize All Layers = checked
Maintain Aspect Ratio = checked

You can sharpen your image a little bit by going to Image>Sharpen


Figure 3


4 To make sure that I have a good sphere, I have to crop some selection. Using your "Selection" tool selection.gif (869 bytes), make a circle out of your new image.

Settings I used:

Selection Type: circle
Feather = 0
Anti-alias = checked


Figure 4


5 Click on Selections>Invert

Press [Delete] key

Again, click on Selections>Invert

Click on Layers>New>Ok


Figure 5
6 Apply a Sunburst Gradient at the new layer using the "Flood Fill Tool"

(Make sure your foreground color is set to White and the background color set to Black)

Settings I Used
Fill Style = Sunburst Gradient
Blend Mode = Normal
Paper Texture & Match Mode = None

Under the Flood Fill Options
Gradient = Foreground-Background
Horizontal = 40
Vertical = 35


Figure 6


7 Click on Layers>New Adjustment Layer>Curves

Click on the Adjustment Tab and follow the same settings as shown at Figure 6


Final Image
8 Press [CTRL+2]

Now, click on Layers>Properties.   Set Blend Mode = Hard Light

Remember to play around with the Blend Mode settings :)


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