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Fun with Paint Shop Pro 6 Tubes
Requirements: Paint Shop Pro 6
Richie Dumlao


Make a new image.  Pick the "Tube Tool" , under the control windows, pick any of the following tubes

3D Gold
3D Green
3D Orange
3D Rainbow

While holding down the [SHIFT] key, start drawing the object by clicking your mouse on your new image.  On this example image "Scale" is set to 50.

Crawlers on Fire
The example image was made using the "Fire" and "Crawlers" tubes.
Rain Forest
The example image was made using the "Summer Trees", "Spring Flowers" and "Clouds"
Painted using PSP6's built-in "Cosmos Tube"
Drag your mouse while holding down the mouse button. Tubes used on this example are "Spiral Circle" and "3D Orange"
  Well, that's all folks!

There are still a lot more PSP6 built-in tubes that you can play around with. Have fun :)

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