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Requirements: Paint Shop Pro 6+
Author: Richie Dumlao


1 Prepare an image.  On this tutorial, I am going to borrow the "hand" image which I downloaded from Doc Ozone Website.



Zoomed Image
2 Zoom your image (View>Zoom by 1) and apply a selection on the hand image using the Freehand Tool

Freehand Settings:
Selection Type = Point to Point
Feather = 1
Anti-Alias = Checked

Press [CTRL+C] to place a copy of the current selection in your clipboard.


3 Make a 150x150 black background and 16 million colors image.  Click on Layers>New Raster Layer

Press [CTRL+E] to paste the hand image.

Deselect image by pressing [CTRL+D]



4 Select the background layer by pressing [CTRL+1]

Pick the Picture Tube and follow the settings as shown.

** NOTE: You may need to download the Paint Shop 6.02 patch if you does not have the Neon Green tube.


5 Now, let's apply the cheat! :)  While holding down the mouse button, point your mouse at the "X" spot and start dragging it in a circular motion until you attain the desired effect.

Final Image

Another Example....


6 Click on Colors>Colorize
(Hue=20   Saturation=255)

Click on Layers>Merge>Merge All

You can apply the H Flare 2 as shown in my example.  So for those who are asking I did the bluish and yellowish "glow" on my Interface, here's the answer :)

** Click here for tips in installing downloaded tubes


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