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Requirements: Paint Shop Pro 6 or 7
Author: Richie Dumlao


1 Set your foreground color to Dark Gray and background to any color. 

Make a 100 x 300, 16 million color document and set Background color = Foreground Color

2 Add a new layer (Layers>New Raster Layer)

Draw a black line over a white line by using the Drawing Tool as shown in the image below.  You can turn on the Grid (View>Grids) and zoom your view to make some nice results.

Draw Tool Settings:
Type = Single Line
Style = Stroked
Width = 1
Antialias = Off
Cap = Flat End Cap (Change this under Options Tab)
3 Pick the Selection Tool and press [CTRL+A] to make your image the current selection.  Click your mouse once anywhere on your image, the lines should become your active selection.  Press [CTRL+C] to place a copy of line selection into your clipboard, then press [CTRL+E] to duplicate line.

You may be to repeat pressing [CTRL+E] or paste depending on the number of buttons you want to make.

4 Merge all layers (Layers>Merge>Merge All).

Press [CTRL+A] and apply the Inner Bevel Filter (Image>Effects>Inner Bevel) using the settings below.

5 Deselect your selection by pressing [CTRL+D]. Pick the Selection Tool and draw a rectangular selection as shown in the example image.
Selection Settings:
Selection Type = Rectangle
Feather = 0
Antialias = Off

Place a copy of the current selection into your clipboard by pressing [CTRL+C].  Paste the clipboard content as new image by pressing [CTRL+V].


On this example, I added a new layer, paste some picture and mess around with the layer's blend mode settings.

See also Mouse Over Tutorial

6 To create rollover effect, slice your nav bar and open all diced images in Paint Shop Pro. Click here to view how I sliced my nav bar.

Apply a Cutout Filter (Image>Effects>Cutout) on each diced image and save them into a different filename.  The original filename of my image is hotb000.jpg and I named it hotb000b.jpg after applying the modification.

Cutout Settings:
Fill Interior Color = Not checked
Shadow Color = Black
Opacity = 80
Blur = 10
Vertical / Horizontal Offset = 5


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