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Circular Pipe
Requirements: Paint Shop Pro 6, 7
Author: Richie Dumlao



1 Make a 160x160, 16 million color, black background image.  Set foreground color to White and background color to Black.  Turn Grid On (View>Grid)
2 Draw a rounded selection using the "Selection Tool" selection.gif (869 bytes) occupying 14x14 blocks

Settings I Used:
Selection Type = Circle
Feather = 0
Anti-Alias = Checked


3 While holding down the [CTRL] key, draw a smaller circle (occupy 6x6 blocks) inside your active selection using the same settings in Step 2.

**NOTE: For white/light  background image, set Gradient = Fading Background and Repeats Value = 1


While selection is active, press [CTRL+C] and paste the captured selection into a new white background image by pressing [CTRL+E]

4 Apply a Sunburst Gradient Filter using the settings below:

Fill Style = Sunburst Gradient
Blend Mode = Normal
Paper Texture and Match Mode = None

Use the settings below under the Flood Fill Options

5 Pick the selection tool and draw a rectangular selection as shown in the figure.

Settings I Used:
Selection Type = Rectangle
Feather = 0
Anti-Alias = NOT Checked

6 While holding down the [Shift] key, draw a another rectangular selection as shown in the figure.
7 Click on Image>Effects>Cutout

Settings I Used:
Fill Interior Color = NOT Checked
Shadow Color = Black
Opacity = 80
Blur = 5
Vertical & Horizontal Offset = 1

Click on
Colors>Adjust>Gamma Correction
RGB Value = .68

Click on Image>Sharpen>Sharpen

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