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Controlling Movie Clips 

(Click image below to download the plug-in)

7 Double-click Frame 1 of your Asterisk Movie to bring-up its Frame Properties.  Click on the Actions Tab, then click on the plus sign to add action and choose "Stop".  Click OK.  Click on Scene 1 to go back to your main movie.


8 Double-click on your first button (Play button) to bring up its Instance Properties.  Click on the Actions Tab.  Click on the Plus(+) sign to add action, then choose "Tell Target" (see image below).

9 Highlight Begin Tell Target (""), then double-click on the "Asterisk" instance.  Click on the plus (+) sign to add action, then choose "Play".

You are actually telling the "Play" button, once clicked and released, to Play the movie clip with instance name "Asterisk"

10 Repeat Step 8 and 9 for the second button (Stop Button) only this time, set the action to "Stop".

Download FLA File for this tutorial


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